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The Mormon Delusion - Volume 5

Doctrine and Covenants - Deception and Concoctions

First published - February 2012.


The Mormon Delusion Volume 5 investigates the early Mormon ‘Lectures of Faith’, comparing the doctrines of the time with the teachings of today – which are entirely different. It then analyses each ‘Section’ of the Doctrine and Covenants in original chronological order, often reviewing the underlying history, searching for Joseph Smith ‘prophecies’ which are evaluated in terms of any evidence of fulfilment. It will come as no surprise to learn that none have any prophetic value or merit whatsoever. However, there is plenty of evidence of Smith’s fraud scattered throughout the D&C which is analysed at each stage. 

At the end of the book there is a section entitled 'The Final Analysis' which contains a summary analysis of several interesting findings from the Doctrine and Covenants.

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Praise from other authors for TMD - Volume 5

In this fifth volume of the author's careful analysis of Mormonism, the reader will have at hand one of the most thorough and well-documented critiques of the most important Mormon scripture, the Doctrine and Covenants, which contains the revelations of the church founder Joseph Smith, Jr. Even after my own 60 years of study of that scripture I gained many new insights from the author's careful and probing description. No reader of this volume can rationally continue to accept the D&C as the divine “word of the Lord.” 

Richard Packham.  Former Mormon, founder and first president of The Exmormon Foundation.



The Doctrine & Covenants is largely a record of God speaking to Joseph Smith. No other LDS scripture comes close to matching the quantity of direct revelation it contains. In this volume Jim Whitefield takes no prisoners as he scrutinizes the words, language and mind of this communicative Deity. He also gives an illuminating behind the scenes look at historical events that were inseparably connected with the genesis of this unique scripture.  

Simon G. Southerton Ph.D.  Author of ‘Losing a Lost Tribe; Native Americans, DNA, and the Mormon Church’.



In Volume 5 of The Mormon Delusion series, Jim Whitefield deconstructs the Book of Commandments/Doctrine and Covenants in a way never before seen. From his meticulous analysis, we discover the truth behind Joseph Smith’s claimed revelations and prophecies. We learn pet phrases that Smith put into the mouth of the Lord. God and Jesus often speak as one and the same being, identifying Smith’s early monotheism which is in plain sight – yet the faithful do not see it. Identification and location of Lamanites is confirmed by the Lord. In ‘The Final Analysis’ section Joseph Smith condemns himself as a fraud over and again from several different standpoints – in his very own words. 

Arza Evans.  Author of ‘The Keystone of Mormonism’.



With methodical precision Whitefield slices through the layers of filler obscuring the so called revelations found in the Book of Commandments/Doctrine & Covenants. Using the Joseph Smith Papers to date the ‘revelations’ and placing them in the actual order they were given, he exposes glaring inconsistencies, unfulfilled prophecies, manipulative self serving tactics and Smith’s ever-evolving God. Whitefield writes in his familiar, easy to read style providing the serious student of Mormon History with the plain and precious facts. 

Lyndon Lamborn.  Author of ‘Standing for Something More’.


With his characteristic wit and commitment to research and documentation, Jim Whitefield has done it again: Produced a tome so detailed, specific and engaging that it is literally impossible to put down. The Mormon Delusion, Volume 5, takes on the Doctrine and Covenants, a book of “revelations” from God to his living prophet Joseph Smith. I was raised to revere the words and quote from the book the way others would quote the Bible.

Whitefield’s dissection of the D&C strips away any semblance of scripture and shows it for what it is, the delusional ramblings of a narcissist. How convenient for a husband to be able to bend his wife to his will by having the Lord chastise her.

As with all his work, this one comes with a warning to the faithful Mormon to step away if they don’t want their faith to be shaken. With good reason, his research is impeccable and irrefutable. In this, his fifth volume, Whitefield delves into a cornerstone of Mormon scripture and pulls back the curtain to expose the puppeteer.

It is a scholarly work that reads like a novel.

Pamela McCreary.  Author of ‘Dancing on the Head of a Pin’.


Update notes to TMD Volume 5

Joseph Smith and his Temples
(article by Jim Whitefield)

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