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Web pages of the author - Jim Whitefield.

Established: February 2009. Last updated: April 2016.


If you were directed to this page without seeing the flash warning
please be aware that this site promotes books on Mormonism for those
interested in the truth behind Joseph Smith's hoax.
It is not suitable for faithful Mormons who wish to remain in their delusion.
(You can lead people to evidence, but you can't make them think.) 
Jim Whitefield

However, before you go...

If the Mormon Church is not true – would you want to know? 

If not – you are now choosing delusion over reality.

If so – read ‘The Mormon Delusion’ series. 

Discover the truth – and be free. 

Make a start - learn the real story behind Joseph Smith's 'First Vision' claims
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This web site exists to explain and promote books which had their genesis in a horrifying discovery accidentally made in March of 2006.


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      The Mormon Delusion. Volume 4. The Mormon Missionary Lessons - A Conspiracy to Deceive.   The Mormon Delusion. Volume 5. Doctrine and Covenants - Deception and Concoctions

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Volume 1 - explains the truth behind polygamy and secret polyandry which is hidden from Mormons.

Volume 2 - analyses major Mormon teachings, providing conclusive proof that everything was a complete hoax.

Volume 3 - explores discarded doctrines and proves they existed despite denials of modern Church leaders.

Volume 4 - tracks the Mormon ‘Missionary Lesson Manual’ as taught to investigators and lesson by lesson, exposes and explains the truth behind the false teachings. This book is over one-hundred-and-forty pages longer than the first three volumes. Whilst earlier volumes are occasionally referenced, the approach and analysis is different and this book consists almost entirely of material not found in earlier work.

"I loved all the books -- the fourth is different and quite intriguing. It's amazing how the missionary discussions are set up to brainwash. My favorite part is how missionaries 'convince' investigators that they are sinning (cause they didn't know everything is a sin) and then offer the perfect solution .... become a Mormon." (GT).

Volume 5 - similar in length to Volume 4, this book investigates the early Mormon ‘Lectures of Faith’, comparing the doctrines of the time with the teachings of today – which are entirely different. It then analyses each ‘Section’ of the Doctrine and Covenants in original chronological order, often reviewing the underlying history, searching for Joseph Smith ‘prophecies’ which are evaluated in terms of any evidence of fulfilment. It will come as no surprise to learn that none have any prophetic value or merit whatsoever. However, there is plenty of evidence of Smith’s fraud scattered throughout the D&C which is analysed at each stage. 


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Comments on ‘The Mormon Delusion’ series from Robert Bridgstock,
author of ‘The Youngest Bishop in England.’

I am seriously impressed by his 1st Volume: ‘The Truth behind Polygamy and Secret Polyandry.’  Jim is a stickler for detail and a bit of a perfectionist – he wants to get things right and this volume does just that. Packed with detailed information – much of which I never knew before; it is painstakingly laid out, covering the entire early history of polygamy and polyandry - right up to, and past the Manifesto era. I highly recommend it as a serious study of polygamous Mormon history.

Apart from what I once believed to be scripture; I have been influenced by a number of books in my life - regretfully, not the great classic philosophers, but still... men like CS Lewis, the scientist and Christian - Henry Drummond, the Lutheran minister - Richard Wurmbrand, the priest - Richard Rohr, Father Daniel O’Leary, Eckhart Tolle, M Scott Peck, the contemplative - Thomas Merton and the Celtic Poet John O’Donohue. All these and many others, have helped shape my views about the meaning of life and God, because these authors–like me–have believed in some form of divine cause and purposeful existence... but then, I read all 5 volumes of Jim Whitefield’s ‘The Mormon Delusion’ and found myself reassessing and re-evaluating ‘what’ and ‘who’ this God is – especially the God of Mormonism. I appreciate, that within the soul of each LDS member, God may vary widely, therefore, I qualify my meaning by saying that the ‘institutional God’ revealed through countless LDS scripture, manuals and sermons is greatly in question and convincingly challenged by Jim Whitefield. I think his first 3 volumes are just packed with well resourced historical information and I defy the average LDS member who needs to seriously review Mormonism, not to be shocked to the core – should they read with ‘a sincere heart – with real intent.’ 

When I then glanced at the contents of his last 2 volumes (Vol. 4 The Mormon Missionary lessons and Vol. 5 The Doctrine and Covenants) I thought they would be boring! I thought: ‘Why should I want to read about the Missionary Discussions? And, ‘Reading about the Doctrine and Covenants will also be tedious?’ But I did, and was amazed. If I had to read again any of his books, it would be those last two. Jim brings some very interesting angles and background information on the lunacy of basic Church teachings that we old LDS members once thought were so true. I particularly found his challenges and the scolding of Smith’s absurd god (with a small ‘g’) to be profound as well as hilarious. Seeing through Jim’s eyes, I discovered that the god of the Doctrine and Covenants (Smith invented Revelations) was petty, vengeful, nasty, petulant, arrogant, small minded, deceptive, violent, inconsistent and wholly unreliable... and far from convincing. 

Jim repeats himself quite a bit, but the thing is - he is aware of it and tells you the page where he last dealt with the subject properly and then proceeds to give a slightly new angle to the same subject. I personally like repetition; it helps to reinforce things I so easily forgot I had read.

Jim calls himself a ‘Bright.’ A term describing a form of atheism where the naturalistic world view is accepted and the supernatural and mystical, dismissed. What I noticed about all of Jim’s writings through all the volumes, is that he is much restrained with his atheism, which makes me think he holds a very tolerant respect for different beliefs. In only one or two pages in only ‘one’ of his later volumes, does Jim go off in a rant about God or religion and in my opinion, a very justified rant anyway! He calls into question–as I have previously mentioned–the ‘nasty’ ‘vindictive’ attitude of the god that supposedly spoke through Smith... on page 445 of Volume 4, he describes in frustration about the god that never seems to stop blaming and threatening his own people as well as constantly labelling the entire human race as ‘evil’.... “Why can’t the Mormon God, just for once, be NICE – ever?  (My bold emphasis)

Although I have penned my own book on the subject (The Youngest Bishop in England), I would seriously prefer a doubting and serious searcher of truth to read Jim's volumes before mine as they contain more information and evidence of the hoax. 

The author’s grasp and knowledge of science, physics, geology, archaeology and biology, is evident throughout his writings. His journey has been a hard and cruel discovery of facts and like many honest and utterly devout souls who can no longer live a lie, has incurred alienation from his family with suffering and rejection. His books stand as a supreme achievement and offer a light and warning to the world of the real history and face of Mormonism. For me personally, they stand as a major resource and comprehensive evidence to the great Mormon deception; every important issue is there and written with painstaking meticulous care and correctness.

Robert Bridgstock. November 2014.



'The First Vision - The Joseph Smith Story' article (on the sidebar) is now available as a handy pocket-size booklet (discounted by 50% on Lulu), and also as a PDF eBook download which includes copyright permission to copy and share.

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I thought I had “read it all” in regards to Joseph Smith's first vision account.  I was aware of some of the facts in this pamphlet, but was amazed at what I didn't know -- especially how critical the historical dates are to understanding the full picture of these events. Jim's research is meticulous, and I believe this will instantly become a very valuable asset for people who want to clarify the history of Mormonism.

Sue Emmett – President, The Exmormon Foundation

With judicious attention to detail, Whitefield completely demolishes Joseph Smith’s ‘First Vision’ claims ~ a must read for serious students of this topic. 

Jean Bodie – Exmormon Foundation Board Member

Comment from the founder: 

A thorough and well-researched dismantling of Joseph Smith's 'First Vision' story, showing that it could not possibly have happened the way the Mormon church claims.

Richard Packham – Founder and first President of the Exmormon Foundation




A selection of a few of the unsolicited comments on file received from people around the world concerning The Mormon Delusion, TMD articles, and 2010 Exmormon Foundation Conference live presentation.


I again commend Jim Whitefield’s books. …put off buying a number of lesser volumes …  For my money, they are on a par … with Mormonism - Shadow or Reality. The Tanners’ topics are more numerous; Jim Whitefield’s, much more detailed. (A).

He does do his homework very, very thoroughly and presents the data as a detached impartial historian would be expected to do... (T).

I would like to thank you for your books … I appreciate your integrity and I do believe your books will make a difference. (MD).

…the style and pace was excellent. I found it content rich and very well written. (BB).

I… can’t tell you how much I appreciate the great work that you are doing… (MA).

You thoroughly covered a lot of material. I don't see how anyone could still believe after reading your 3 books where you call a spade a spade… (DO).


I used a link on RfM to get to your site, hadn’t been to it before and found it intelligent and enlightening. (DA).

…thank you so much for letting people know the truth about Mormonism. (NH).

I saw your lecture. The documented timeline of Joseph’s monotheism evolving into polytheism was positively breathtaking. Very solid work. (CZ).

I purchased your three books and can never thank you enough for taking the time to write them. I do not think I can explain in words what you have done for me in helping me piece together the truth. (C).

I am so amazed by your courage and the depth and amount of research that you have done. (AE).

I hope you help the many who will come seeking with open hearts and curious minds. (TM).

Thank you for the awesome presentation. Now my testimony of Joseph's Myth is buried 12' in the earth, instead of only 6'. (K).

I loved your presentation. …Thank you for your insightful research and ability to synthesize all this for the rest of us. (Du).

What a pleasure it was to meet you and hear your amazing presentation. (E).

The presentation was awesome and you are fun to listen to. (NR).

…within the first minute of your presentation, I knew it was going to be good and I was so very excited for all of us who would be listening to you speak, and for you who had come all that way to deliver such a riveting presentation. (S).


I enjoyed your presentation! … Thank you so much! I thought about it for days and days. I thought, “No wonder I was always so confused in Mormonism!” (F).

I want to thank you for your work to expose the truths of the LDS faith. (RG).

…very well researched and well presented. (DM).

My biggest regret is that I can’t meet you in person to express my thanks for what you are doing. (CN).

Thanks -- love your work! (TC).

I am not at all surprised that people have been picking up on the fruits of your massive achievement.  Everything good that has happened has been thoroughly well-deserved and I congratulate you most heartily for it. (DP).


The data Jim revealed checked out 100%. (VM).

I found your “testimony” on ExmormonScholarsTestify and wanted to say how much I enjoyed reading it… (BF). 


Your books are very well researched and thought out. I want to thank you for your efforts and time. (GJ).


I can never repay the debt I owe you; your work is saving my family. (PG).

Please accept my heart-felt thanks for these incredible sources of valuable information. They are a treasure of information… Your irrefutable logic, laying out plainly and simply, the lies and contradictions of J.S. and those who followed – even to today, is unmatched in any other work I’ve read on this topic. (DJ).



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October 2010 ExMormon Foundation Conference

The Foundation has uploaded my presentation to YouTube.

Links appear on the Exmormon Foundation web site at


to the 2010 audio version
and direct links to the video are also provided below.

"Will The Real Joseph Smith Please Stand Up."
Salt Lake City, Utah. 16 October 2010.




The above links may have poor sound levels so if you have difficulty hearing them there is now a version remastered for better sound quality, courtesy of 'ulisscarple', which starts at the following link. A link to the next part of the presentation appears at the top right of each segment. The first part begins with a voice-over of Sue Emmett's introduction and then restarts with the actual presentation. My grateful thanks to ulisscarple for this kind act.


November 2010 saw the launch of a new web site hosted by Dan Johnson. Dan has produced a series of short, two or three minute, video clips, where various exMormons briefly explain their decision to leave the Mormon Church. The site is well worth a visit. My own contribution was added in March of 2011. It can be located via this link:


ExMormon Scholars

In the spring of 2010, a new web site appeared in response to the Mormon Church inspired 'mormonscholarstestify.org' web site. It seems the Mormon Church thinks its members so gullible that if they see that lots of so-called ‘clever’ people believe in it, then it must be true. In order to provide a balance to this, someone who was actually still a member at the time of establishing it, has created an alternate web site at: www.exmormonscholarstestify.org to show that there are equally, many academics, authors, historians and ex Church leaders who have discovered the truth and resigned from the Church for the sake of integrity. My own contribution or ‘testimony’ against the Church can be located here: Jim Whitefield's 'Testimony'.


On Mormon apologists, unbelievably, actually attacking the Church published stance on 'Nephite Coins' in the Book of Mormon is available via the tab at the top or bottom of this page. Since writing this article, even more information has become available. An expanded version appears as 'Appendix A' in TMD Volume 4, incorporating further evidence of Church acceptance that each individually named piece mentioned in Alma 11 is indeed considered by the Church to be a 'coin', in no uncertain terms, completely contradicting Mormon apologists. 

'The First Vision' article is located on the side bar and is now also avaialable as a booklet. See above.

"Jim’s article is the best study on the First Vision that I have read so far." (De).


Jim has a unique approach to dealing with LDS claims. He has an amazing knack at taking all of the evidence and presenting it in a way that does not confuse his audience.
In this latest article — The First Vision – The Joseph Smith Story — he presents a very strong case. Jim speaks his mind, regardless if doing so may hurt somebody’s feelings. Maybe this approach is what the world needs to finally see wh
at the LDS faith is based upon.”
Rich Kelsey - Author


My article on 'The Bible Delusion' can now be located under the 'Books/Links/Article' tab on the side bar. 




As long as people want the Mormon Church to be true,

 more than they are willing to face the possibility that it is not,

they will not entertain evidence or reason.

Delusion becomes a choice.

Jim Whitefield


My work is suitable for those who know nothing about Mormonism and who seek evidence of the truth behind the hoax. It is very suitable for ex-Mormons and also for members or investigators who are seriously questioning the Church or their faith and who want answers to difficult questions which the Church cannot (or chooses not to) provide, keeping members in the dark regarding the real history of the Church.


Whilst my own views currently tend to be atheistic, they are not set in stone and may be influenced by new information, evidence and experience. In my work, I have tried hard not to over promote an atheistic viewpoint, but rather a stance which indicates that if there is a God, He could and would not possibly have ever been involved with Joseph Smith or Mormonism at any stage. God must be found elsewhere.

Book reviews can be left by clicking on a book title in my Storefront at Lulu.com, at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google Book Search or Goodreads. Invariably, if active Mormons come across my books, some may leave comments suggesting that they would not actually read them and direct people to Mormon sources of information. Should such comments appear, they are clearly not reviews of the actual books and the comments are borne out of faith in the fiction they believe in. I have seen this many times before and it is beyond me how anyone can comment on something they have not had the courage to actually read first.

My work is not suitable for Mormons who are strong and faithful, and who wish to remain in their delusional state. Anyone in that category is advised not to proceed any further, as to do so could seriously damage or permanently destroy a testimony. I take no responsibility if such people should choose to read my work. Please do not email any testimonies, arguments or abuse to the author.

Sensible comments and valid critiques are always welcome and can be emailed to the author. I will endeavour to respond when I can.



Sharing Discovery of the Truth

Since publishing my work, I have been approached by a number of people who have been coming to terms with the truth, asking my advice on how to approach other family members with the devastating news that their Church is not true. Experience has shown that if someone studies everything out privately and concludes for themselves that the Church is false and only then faces a spouse or other family members directly, fait accompli, with all the evidence at once, claiming they have discovered the Church is not true, then immediately an almost impenetrable and extremely defensive ‘wall’ is put up; the evidence (and invariably also the messenger) is rejected without conscious consideration. Any and every aspect will be strongly argued and not ‘considered’ at all. The Church programmes us to subconsciously reject anything that may ‘offend’ a testimony without due consideration. (Members already 'know' what is deemed to be true through ethereal means alone). The unwelcome messenger is considered to have lost the spirit; they are under the influence of Satan and viewed as ‘apostate’. Many a Mormon Bishop has advised an active member to divorce an apostate spouse and find someone else who is worthy to take them to the 'Celestial Kingdom’. There are countless heartbreaking stories on exMormon web sites concerning broken Mormon marriages.

In discussing this problem with a number of worried and concerned members who were studying their way out of the Mormon Church, it transpires that by far the safest and most successful method of tackling it is to immediately discuss initial concerns with a spouse in terms of the first thing that they discovered which indicated there may be a problem with the authenticity of Mormonism. When someone approaches their partner in a manner such as: “Look at what I accidentally discovered (specify an aspect) concerning the Church. This can’t be right, surely? It contravenes all we were ever taught and yet appears verified as true. If so, it brings the truth of the Church into serious question. What do you make of this? What do you think?” In instances that I am aware of, members who have entered into some such early discussions have usually succeeded in continuing their study of the truth together, subsequently leaving the Church as a couple. They have then been much more easily able to take the same approach with children who are then much more likely to follow them.

If you find yourself in this situation, I strongly advise early, open and non confrontational discussions, allowing you both to reach the same conclusions together, gently and with care and love, before moving on to the next topic. It is truly devastating to have to face the truth and many people would rather not have to. However, the ‘joint study’ method of gaining an understanding of the truth, then being able to both arrive at a final decision together, will, more often than not, at least save a good marriage, whereas facing a partner down with an already made personal decision could cause irreparable damage to an otherwise healthy relationship. For a happy outcome, find a way to ‘discover’ the truth together.

The Mormon Delusion

The first volume of The Mormon Delusion became an essential project following my accidental discovery of hidden and falsified Mormon history which, when pressed, leading Church authorities could not explain or theologically justify to me. The Mormon Delusion is a series of books, exposing the truth behind the Mormon Church. In the first volume, we compare the reality of early Mormon polygamy with the fiction the Mormon Church teaches its members. Aspects portrayed as fact by the Mormon Church are exposed as entirely false. The reality concerning polygamy was a far cry from the way things are now portrayed. 


Polygamy, which was completely illegal from the start, was initially hidden from members and the public alike. Lies and false scripture obscured the truth for almost two decades in the early Mormon Church, until the terrible truth was finally publicly announced in 1852. Thousands of members then left the fold. Until then, many Mormons had absolutely no idea polygamy actually existed. Many converts from the U.K. emigrated to Salt Lake City, accepting assurances from visiting Apostles (who themselves had many plural wives and children back home), that accusations about such things were entirely false. The apostles' false claims were supported by equally false scripture, designed to decieve new converts. D&C 101 (since removed) claimed monogamy was the only approved form of marriage within Mormonism. Discovering the awful truth only upon arrival in the Salt Lake valley, many young women were obliged to enter the practice simply in order to survive.


I felt obligated to reveal the truth about polygamy (which in Mormonism is taken as polygyny) and more particularly, the little known practice of polyandry. Mormon Church leaders confirmed to me that polyandry is contrary to doctrine; yet I had discovered evidence that Joseph Smith, Brigham Young and Heber C. Kimball all participated in polyandry. As I undertook further research, so much hidden truth unfolded that I felt obliged to write, what turned into two further volumes, revealing the truth about everything. All that I have discovered, which is covered in these books, I learned three years after I had left the Church in 2003, after forty-three years of Mormonism.


Then, just as I thought there was no more to say, I came across the Mormon 'Missionary Lesson Manual' online and realised no one has ever directly challenged the lies and deceptions that the lessons contain. Volume four thus became an essentail project for impartial investigators who are looking for the truth behind the hoax. In 2011, a review of the D&C led to volume five.

My work is a hard hitting, impassioned exposé of the truth behind the Mormon Church; from polygyny and little known polyandry, to every other aspect of the hoax that Joseph Smith created. These are not one sided, sugar coated books of Mormon fiction such as
the Mormon Church now produces. They simply contain the pure unadulterated evidenced truth which the Mormon Church hides from its rank and file members, so they won’t ask any awkward questions for which there are no theological answers.

Why Bad Beliefs Don't Die

To more fully understand and better appreciate why Mormons are inclined to reject facts in favour of fiction which has previously been established in their minds as eternal truth through ethereal means, I highly recommend reading Dr. Gregory W. Lester's article which appeared in the November/December 2000 edition of Skeptical Enquirer Magazine. Dr. Lester advised me that he would have been happy for me to use the article but he no longer owns the copyright to it. The article is currently available to view at the following link.

Why Bad Beliefs Don't Die




Passive v. Aggressive Stances


Of course, for those who criticise sites such as this for exposing people to the truth, this is but a passive position; you don’t have to look, you know what it is about. It is unlike the Church’s more aggressive stance, taken every day of the week when it imposes uninvited upon people in the street, at their doors, by advertising and through the coercion of members endeavouring to introduce their friends and neighbours to Mormon missionaries. Most people are not generally seeking to be taught about Mormonism. Missionaries teach 'investigators' that anything they currently believe is wrong and actually stems from the adversary rather than God. Try telling a Mormon that about what they believe. 

Information the Mormon Church provides to potential converts is very restricted, thoroughly sanitised, and much verifiable truth is hidden away because the fact is that most of it makes no sense and cannot, with the best will in the world, stand up to the remotest, even sympathetic, scrutiny, if put to the test. If you want to keep a testimony - don’t put it to the test - what you will find will shock and dismay, for the truth is out there - and today, it is only a few clicks away.


However, should it be discovered by some Mormons (such as myself) that the very basis of their belief was founded on a hoax, continued as a conspiracy and perpetuated by lies, then such evidence should at least be made readily available for study, so that anyone who has occasion to, will be able to access it and determine for themselves what they make of it. In my view, integrity demands this take place prior to joining the Church. It should be illegal for known fiction (i.e. falsifications) to be published as if it is the truth. I know more than most members seem to know about the truth and I appear to know more than some BYU professors, and from personal conversations, even some of the General Authorities, regarding some of the real historical aspects which they deliberately avoid, so I feel my opinion counts (even if only to myself). It is my opinion, after forty-three years of study, research and teaching of official Mormon doctrine and history, that all the things I could not account for, which made no logical sense (without a reliance on faith), are now readily explained. I am drawn to conclude, after studying many sources, full time, for six years, that there is so much evidence against historical Mormon Church claims, most of which stem from within its own falsified accounts, that no one exposed to the truth before considering joining would ever contemplate or even consider becoming a Mormon.


The irony is that whilst the Church teaches the 'saints' that they should not look outside the Church for information as it may be biased and unreliable and not given by the spirit, my analysis shows just the opposite. Having studied many actual historical records, it is a fundamental fact that much documentation by historians who publish material the Church would rather they didn't, is actually highly accurate and unbiased; it is in fact well researched, fully substantiated and very compelling. Mormon Church historians get excommunicated when they write the truth, as 'it is not helpful'. The Church can then distance itself from them.


Conversely, official Church history, scripture and resource material is demonstrably highly questionable, much of it being fabricated. Church material is actually filled with many thousands of changes and falsifications through additions, deletions, deliberate omissions, and interpolation (if it isn't suppressed) containing the very biases, inaccuracies and conspiratorial writings that many good non-Mormon and ex-Mormon writers as well as truthful Mormon Church historians are accused of by the Church. The Church would call this 'clarification'. The trouble is that far from clarifying anything, their alterations often change the very meaning and context of the original text, which in many cases were associated with ‘Thus saith the Lord’ - and God is not supposed to get things wrong or change His mind.

The habit of accusing so-called 'enemies of the Church' (who are usually Church members writing true history) of undermining the truth with lies, when it is actually the Church which has falsified its own records, reminds me of Joseph Smith who used similar tactics. When he was accurately accused of polygamy by someone, Smith would publicly deny he practiced it and equally publicly falsely accuse the person of adultery. Nothing changes in Mormonism. ‘Lying for the Lord’ is still alive and well. The question always is – would any God ever be involved with such people? (Occam’s Razor). It is a pity modern Church leaders don't have the integrity to come clean, correct everything, and face the truth, but then so much has been falsified, would there be any Mormons left if they did?


I believe the reason they don't come clean is that the Church view is taken from a preconceived position which must be sustained as correct no matter what and must be protected at all costs, so everything must be made to fit that position even if it means perpetuating known lies. I expect many General Authorities today feel very uncomfortable about the past, as well as the falsified history, but can see no way of doing anything about it without losing faith – and of course members. So they bury their heads in the sand and ignore the truth, presumably 'for the greater good'.


A classic example of that is the reason the Book of Abraham is still canonised scripture. It is ludicrous to still claim it came from God but the Church chooses to ignore the evidence and say nothing, leaving apologists the impossible task of dreaming up nonsense so-called 'plausible' alternative solutions to what has become an unsolvable problem. It is absolutely outrageous to continue to claim something is of God when conclusive evidence proves otherwise. Everyone who has remotely studied all the facts is left in no doubt that Smith made it all up.


Non-Mormon historians simply look for and report the truth they find. Whether it helps or hinders any position, it is simply history. They question and then publish the results of their questioning. To date, I have found absolutely nothing that substantiates the Church’s overall position. Yet I have discovered more than I can take in, regarding evidence against the Church and of its conspiracy to deceive. That is why my research has extended to five volumes when I only started out, from idle curiosity, to discover how many wives Joseph Smith actually had! Who would have thought that it would have led to such a long and devastating journey? 

There is no possibility of Joseph Smith remotely being a plausible choice for use by a God for any holy purpose. He simply does not qualify. He was positively and demonstrably evil. It then got even worse when Brigham Young got his hands on the reins of the Church. I find it amazing that the Church now manages to hide the truth of the past from members so well. What a way to run a Church; rewrite and falsify scripture and history and then teach members that they have the truth and anything outside it will be suspect. To even look outside the Church for answers shows a lack of faith, will possibly destroy a testimony, and could cost someone their eternal salvation. And yet, if someone has the courage to seek, they will find the awful truth - that they have been deceived - the evidence of that is conclusive and it is available in abundance. 

Stay in the delusion and all will be well. I agree; it can be a ‘warm and fuzzy’ place to be. The only problem is, that is all it is; and millions of Mormons spend their lives chasing a rainbow that, unlike a simple faith in God, is provably just an illusion and the whole idea of Mormonism a cruel deception. Evidence provided in ‘The Mormon Delusion’ Volumes 1-5 proves that to be the case beyond any doubt.

Why I will never respond to Apologists…

Mormons who formally resigned their Church membership when they discovered the truth number in the thousands, possibly tens, if not hundreds of thousands - and the number is growing.


As members of the Mormon Church, they were completely unaware of the truth behind the Church. When they discovered the truth, devastating and unwanted though that knowledge may have been, they had the integrity to face and deal with it and then to act upon it. They resigned Church membership in protest at the lies and deception, accepting the consequences of their actions in respect of damaged relationships between friends and family members and often the complete loss of a social life.


Apologists on the other hand, are faced daily with all the evidence of the hoax and the conspiracy, but they act as the deluded puppets of their prophets, leaders and employers, with neither the courage nor integrity to accept and face the truth. Instead, they protect, rationalise and perpetuate all of the lies through constant manipulation and distortion of the facts, creating more and more nonsense in order to obfuscate the truth and keep members in a deluded state. They don’t even see that their own original testimony was based on a fundamentally flawed supplication, before they learned of the reality behind the superficial and constructed lies that constitute what is taken to the Lord in prayer by the faithful.  


They just do not seem able to put their misplaced faith aside and face reality when facts override what they had faith in, in a given area. If there were say just one, or even two, aspects of the Church suspect and uncertain then there could be some understanding of a need for apologetics. However, every single aspect of the Mormon Church’s teachings today is provably integrated within a conspiracy to suppress the truth; manipulated to make it fit a preconceived but unsustainable position. Continued apologetic endeavours today prove nothing other than attempts to hide the truth and stem from a deep delusional state embedded in the minds of those who participate in writing such material. Subconsciously, they must know the truth but rarely does an apologist ever consciously realise, face and accept the facts.


You cannot argue unassailable and proven points (and there are literally hundreds) with someone who cannot see the light because their faith in proven fiction supersedes all reason and also common sense. They know the truth and yet seem able to rationalise and accept that ‘lying for the Lord’ always was and still is, via their own manipulation, an honourable occupation in the Mormon Church. It is not. Any true God would condemn, not endorse such a thing.


Shame on them; I will have nothing to do with them.

I have looked at one or two so-called critiques or reviews by apologists who immediately attacked the messenger rather than simply face and deal with the evidence presented by other authors. In one review, the apologist stated that the first thing that should be said was that the writer erroneously called his ‘Preface’ (which is written by an author) a ‘Foreword’ (which is written by someone else), to show that the writer was ignorant of correct procedure. He thus tried to undermine and discredit the author by any means possible before even considering what he actually had to say. This would be to convince any enquiring Mormon who may happen to read the critique, that the author of the work under review was not worthy of further consideration.

After putting down the author in every way possible, the apologist, in this instance, wrote a lengthy text which offered no tangible evidence in rebuttal whatsoever. It was just full of ‘faith promoting’ supposition with assertions that the writer was of course not directed by the spirit. Complaints of incorrect ‘understanding’ and ‘misrepresentation’ were not backed up with tangible facts or reliable evidence. The net result was the apologist only satisfied his own demands – and possibly those of his peers. No doubt a faithful Mormon reading the review with the preconceived notion that an apologist working with the spirit must be better placed to identify the truth than an apostate author, would just accept the apologist’s position and not consider reading the actual material under review. That of course is the objective of an apologist but not the objective of a genuine critique. Apologists manipulate the truth in order to defend absolute lies rather than objectively evaluate good academic work and accept the truth.


I have seen the same derogatory approach taken regarding the academic status of some authors. Unless they have some kind of university degree, they are not worthy of consideration as authors of Mormon history. I fail to understand why such an attitude is taken when the author may have had a lifetime of experience in the Church and a good grasp of the truth for which an educational standard is hardly required. Apologists are academics and they promote their position as far above a lowly writer who has no such status. During my career, I was for a period, the Business Manager of an American International University, where I was responsible for everything except the faculty. Some of the faculty were highly intelligent and very interesting. Others however, clearly had no experience of life whatsoever. They had never left school… after completing their own education they immediately started teaching. Their experience was so limited that their education was of little help to them in understanding how to prepare others for life in a world they had never experienced.


Well, in case apologists do ever decide to critique my work, I have correctly called the preface the preface, and I hope I have managed to be accurate in all I have written. If not, then I hope the facts and evidence will be judged rather than me as a person. The English style of writing I have adopted is the ‘logical view’ rather than the ‘conventional view’ regarding punctuation and quotation marks – despite the American way being slightly different. I doubt American Mormon apologists have ever even been taught the difference, so if they criticise that it will just show they don’t understand English outside of the American style.


I wrote my work simply as Jim Whitefield, an ex Mormon who had accidentally stumbled across and felt obliged to expose the truth behind the Church. I did not choose to include my full name or any academic achievements, which I considered had nothing to do with my writing whatsoever. If I were not retired, no doubt my business cards would still contain at least some of the following, depending on my line of work: James I Whitefield MMS., MIIRSM., AIIM., MIMgt., MLIA., MCII., CGLI (Work Study, O&M)., Master Builder.


After six years of full time research and having published five academic standard, Harvard System referenced books, several articles, and having obtained the requisite peer reviews, along with internationally lecturing on the subject of Mormonism, I qualify to apply for a doctorate from several universities, but that was never my aim. I chose not to do so, as my work has little to do with qualifications and everything to do with the truth behind the continued conspiracy to deceive members and investigators of the Mormon Church. I prefer to get on with retirement, so if apologists do decry me for not having a doctorate, it is not because I am not eligible to obtain one, it is simply because there is no point in bothering. I am after all – finally retired!


My work is done. The truth is established.

Accept it or reject it; either way - it remains the truth.
Jim Whitefield

If you could reason with Mormons, there wouldn't be any Mormons.
Jim Whitefield

"Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored."

Aldous Huxley


If you are not prepared to study the evidence,
you deserve the delusion in which you live.
But to die in ignorance of the truth
is a sad and pitiful end to life.
Jim Whitefield.

I spent 43 years believing in a false religion.
Now I want my 43 years as an atheist.
God owes me that.
Jim Whitefield



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