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TMD Volume 3

The Mormon Delusion - Volume 3

Discarded Doctrines and Nonsense Revelations

First Published - July 2009
Second Edition - September 2010


In Volume 3, Whitefield discusses doctrines which have been completely discarded and are now even denied. In the early Church Adam was God and Blood Atonement was a stark reality for several decades throughout the leadership of several prophets. The origin of the Mormon temple ceremony is identified, with an analysis of ever changing elements which have transposed it beyond recognition. The psychology of a testimony is established and several sections of the Doctrine and Covenants are exposed as completely fraudulent revelations. Once again, Whitefield analyses the fiction and exposes the facts in a compelling and hard hitting manner, leaving no doubt that Mormonism is a complete hoax in every respect.

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Praise from other authors for TMD - Volume 3

In the third volume of The Mormon Delusion, Jim Whitefield delves into the most controversial beliefs and events in Mormonism’s colourful past. With his familiar candour he sheds light on things Mormon leaders would prefer were long forgotten. 

Simon G. Southerton Ph.D.  Author of: Losing a Lost Tribe; Native Americans, DNA, and the Mormon Church.

Jim Whitefield’s third volume of The Mormon Delusion explores dark and disturbing aspects of the past which the Church today completely ignores. With his now familiar analytical skills and style, Whitefield exposes the truth behind Brigham Young’s ‘Adam-God’ and ‘Blood Atonement’ doctrines which were accepted for decades in the Mormon Church through several successive prophets; and yet later leaders denied they ever existed. Whitefield skilfully explores and explains step by step, word by word, sign by sign and grip by grip, how Masonic ritual was used to create the original Mormon endowment; proving that Joseph Smith used late eighteenth-century Masonic wording, symbolism, signs and tokens to formulate the Mormon ceremony. Conclusive evidence leaves the reader in no doubt that God could and would not have been involved in such nonsense. The Mormon Delusion Volume 3 is essential reading for those who want the facts about the past rather than the fiction the Mormon Church now teaches.

Arza Evans.  Author of: The Keystone of Mormonism.

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