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The Bible Delusion

The Bible Delusion

101 'Hang On A Minute' Moments; And God's Mysterious Ways

First Published - May 2016


Christians generally accept the Bible ‘as read’; or at least that there is enough of relevance to believe in some of it; accept the premise that Jesus was real and that he saved us from our sins. Such belief presupposes that the creation or at least the ‘Adam and Eve’ part must be true, as Christianity requires a ‘fall’ in order for there to be sin and thus the need for a redeemer. No fall would mean no sin and no need for redemption.  

Unfortunately, science doesn’t support much of anything in the Bible. The more we learn, the less plausible it all becomes. Many people cling to faith in long proven fiction rather than face the truth. Many former believers suggest the easiest way to become an atheist is to read the Bible. As devout Christians, we don’t tend to read it objectively from cover to cover. We read the faith promoting parts taught to us by ministers and in Sunday school classes and tend to ignore the rest. 

Faith is of course needed in order to believe in God, or indeed anything for which there is zero evidence. If there were any proof of God whatsoever, then faith would immediately become redundant in the matter. Likewise, faith is needed in order to believe in God’s book. However, unlike God, who remains an unknown quantity to date, the Bible exists and can be tested and questioned through logic, common sense and reason – and above all, by the scientific method. 

Reading the Bible in the cold light of day, with no preconceived religious notions, casts an entirely different light on matters. It soon becomes clear that no God was ever involved with the book and the God the Hebrews created was one of the most despicable characters ever invented. There are not only hundreds of impossible claims in the Bible; its God is positively evil. Read it thoroughly and judge for yourself.

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Praise from other authors for The Bible Delusion

“Years ago I ran across a book called The Positive Bible, a collection of just the uplifting and inspiring verses from the bible. My first thought was “Wow, there’s a lot fewer pages here than in my bible…” My second thought was, “I wonder what The Negative Bible would look like?” Now I know; it would look like Jim Whitefield’s remarkable take-no-prisoners tome, The Bible Delusion. Limiting himself to just 101 of the most epic Bible fails, he employs a battery of “Hang on a Minute Moments” like a laser beam to dissect the problems and problematic thinking behind the Bible. Whitefield wields logic and science the way sushi chefs use razor-sharp cleavers to cut through the bible’s blubber and serve up the choice cuts of the truth. Enjoy!”

David Fitzgerald.  Author of ‘Nailed’ and ‘The Complete Heretic's Guide to Western Religion’ series.


“A commonsense and rational analysis of the Bible that can be a breath of fresh air for people indoctrinated by religion.”  

Bill Lauritzen.  Author of ‘The Invention of God: The Natural Origins of Mythology and Religion.’


“Jim Whitefield’s The Bible Delusion is a hell of an interesting read, regardless of where you stand on the nature and divinity of the Bible. In the book, Whitefield outlines a series of “hang on a minute” moments from the most popular religion’s holy book, dismantling everything from the Genesis creation myth to the coherency of The Gospels. The best part of The Bible Delusion for me is the perspective of the author, who has previously written books debunking false claims about the Book of Mormon and Mormonism in general. In this work, Whitefield expands into new territories and lends his unique insights and analytical skills to an important cause: demonstrating falsehoods within ancient Christian texts that the vast majority of people still take seriously. He takes on a task that others have attempted, but in a unique and thorough way that I think makes this book valuable for anyone with an interest in the Bible.” 

David G. McAfee.  Author of ‘Mom, Dad, I'm an Atheist: The Guide to Coming Out as a Non-believer’, ‘Disproving Christianity and Other Secular Writings’ and co-author of ‘The Belief Book.’

Following an excellent series of books titled ‘The Mormon Delusion’ author Jim Whitefield, an Ex-Mormon, has now examined and questioned the validity of the Bible. 

‘The Bible Delusion’ is an in-depth commentary and examination of the contents of the Bible. From the Genesis creation story through the Old Testament’s major events and then the New Testament, the text explores and investigates the books and verses on almost every major biblical subject.These include God’s commandments and punishments, misogyny, miracles, slavery, talking animals, scientific nonsense, Satan, murder, genocide, Jesus and the second coming, to name a few. 

I recommend this book as a useful and informative source for everyone who questions the credibility of the content of the Bible and their faith. 

Brian Baker.  Author of ’Nonsense from the Bible’ and ‘From Faith to Reason.'


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