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Welcome to the website of Jim Whitefield
author of




This website exists to explain and promote books which had their genesis in a horrifying discovery
accidentally made in March of 2006.

Please be aware that this site promotes books on Mormonism for those
interested in the truth behind Joseph Smith's hoax.
It is not suitable for faithful Mormons who wish to remain in their delusion.

You can lead people to evidence, but you can't make them think.
Jim Whitefield.

However, before you go...
If the Mormon Church is not true – would you want to know?
If not – you are now choosing delusion over reality.
If so – read ‘The Mormon Delusion’ series
Discover the truth - and be free.




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A stand alone volume not directly related to Mormonism.


Learn the real story behind Joseph Smith's 'First Vision' claims here.



As long as people want the Mormon Church to be true,
more than they are willing to face the possibility that it is not,
they will not entertain evidence or reason.
Delusion becomes a choice.
Jim Whitefield

My work is suitable for those who know nothing about Mormonism and who seek evidence of the truth behind the hoax. It is very suitable for ex-Mormons and also for members or investigators who are seriously questioning the Church or their faith and who want answers to difficult questions which the Church cannot (or chooses not to) provide, keeping members in the dark regarding the real history of the Church.

Whilst my own views currently tend to be atheistic, they are not set in stone and may be influenced by new information, evidence and experience. In The Mormon Delusion series, I have tried hard not to over promote an atheistic viewpoint, but rather a stance which indicates that if there is a God, He could and would not possibly have ever been involved with Joseph Smith or Mormonism at any stage. God must be found elsewhere.

However, The Bible Delusion is a stand alone work that examines and exposes the real nature of a clearly fictional God created by the Hebrews. Analysis leads to the inescapable conclusion that pending new evidence, atheism is the only option, as God and Jesus do not survive a close examination of their own book. 

My work is not suitable for Mormons who are strong and faithful, and who wish to remain in their delusional state. Anyone in that category is advised not to proceed any further, as to do so could seriously damage or permanently destroy a testimony. I take no responsibility if such people should choose to read my work. Please do not email any testimonies, arguments or abuse to the author.

Sensible comments and valid critiques are always welcome and can be emailed to the author. I will endeavour to respond when I can.



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Established: February 2009.

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